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Emma, Bath 

"Crowed and packed with stock this shop is infact brilliant. Dont take pushchairs or big bags in though, as you will bump into things! This is a little independant pet shop, which means that the service is much better. You can go in, have a chat with the staff, stroke the golden retriever that sits in the window everyday and help local business’s to strive!"

Steve, Birmingham 

"I visited Park Pets when I was in Bath and was very impressed - it’s like a mini-zoo! They even have a couple of animals who aren’t for sale who just live there that you can have a look at. They have a good selection of birds and fish and a lot of specialist equipment. It’s over two floors and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a comprehensive range!

They obviously really care about the animals and there’s a real friendly atmosphere there - I’d feel very confident buying a pet there and I’d feel there was plenty of advice available if I needed it. It’s also nice to support an independent business instead of some big-box, impersonal store.

Marcel, Bath 

"As well as a great pet shop, this place is a lovely place for the kids to visit if you’re shopping on moorland road and they are getting bored. They have a fantastic golden retreiver who lies in the shop window most of the day!

Upstairs they have birds, mice, rabbits, etc (small pets) for you to buy. Our rabbit came from Park Pets. My kids insist of visiting most weeks just to go upstairs and see the lovely animals. The staff are very friendly and don’t seem to mind the kids of Oldfield Park constantly going upstairs to see their animals :)"

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Park Pets, 2 Moorland Rd, Bath, England, BA2 3PJ
Tel. 01225 316509
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